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Choosing the appropriate SWFL business insurance can be complicated

  • Did you know that there are forty different types of policies that meet SWFL business insurance needs?
  • Are you paying for insurance that you do not need?
  • Are you paying too much for insurance?
  • Are you adequately insured where your most significant liabilities lay?
  • Do you understand the risks that go hand-in-hand with the type of business that you own or operate?
  • Does your insurance representative have your best interest at heart?

At SBCG, we treat your money, your risk, your coverages, and your potential liabilities as if it were our own. Let our SWFL business insurance consultants give you a free assessment to find out if your highest potential liabilities are covered. Let us put in the hard work to shop around and find you the best insurance value on the market. We are not captive to any one company.

Chances are, we can offer you a policy or policies that have better coverage and cost you much less than you are currently paying. Your business insurance is an asset that requires careful consideration, thorough planning, and advising from a professional who has extensive experience in the industry.

Today, you must shop for everything you purchase. Think of us as your advocate, your advisor, and your mentor. Our passion will be exposed the moment we sit down and talk. Helping others to be successful is not only rewarding but is ultimately our mission. At the end of every day, we ask ourselves, “Did we help this person?”. Virtually every day, that answer is “yes.”

As business owners with multiple years’ experience in the field of insurance risk management, let us come to you and make sure you are adequately protected.