About Strategic Business Consulting Group (SBCG)

SBCG is one of the world’s leading business and management consulting firms.  SBCG leverages over 45 years of expertise and experience, working in both the private and public sectors, to help companies solve complex problems.  SBCG believes in transforming businesses to anticipate growth, inspiring management and employees to lead with passion, adapt rapidly within a changing environment, and to always think bold to achieve uncommon results.


We are responsible for helping companies achieve and maintain a competitive advantage; transforming every client into an industry leader.


  • To add value with every contact
  • We will not compromise our values for profit
  • We believe in doing things right the first time
  • Our ethical practices built our foundation
  • We find our happiness in helping businesses succeed


Here at Strategic Business Consulting Group, we work to educate, uplift, and inspire companies on a global scale through our deep knowledge and experience.

To succeed, organizations must blend technologies and human capital. SBCG’s diverse resources bring a wide variety of industry and functional expertise to assist in any business purpose.

Whether you want to advance an idea, a brand, or improve your companies training, SBCG is with you every step of the way. We excel in the business of capitalizing on human potential and believe in its power to shape strategic and organizational success. Our consulting model is simple yet unique. Operating across multiple industries and geographies and bring customized solutions. Today, as a successful consulting firm, we help clients in all aspects of their business—driving business change, enabling companies to grow, building competitive advantage, and driving business growth.

We partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions.

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